Basic Things To Consider For Buying A Portable Solar Generator

By | November 29, 2016

In the modern time, it is essential to follow every possible way to produce less carbon and make our surrounding green. In doing this, portable solar generator definitely holds a significant place. That’s why more and more people opt for this generator for fulfilling their basic emergency needs and camping or trekking purposes. Now, if you consider choosing one such generator, you are always advised to get some adequate knowledge about this machine so that you can invest on the right product.

What to Consider in a Good Portable Solar Generator

Image result for inergy kodiakThe first consideration for a solar generator is the amount of time that it needs to charge the entire unit while running from a battery. When you are going to run the generator constantly from the solar panel, you should make sure that it must contain solar panels that can run from daylight rather than sunlight. Thus you will be benefited by running the generator even on a day when the sky is cloudy. Thus you can get more power. On the other hand, direct sun panels cannot perform on the cloudy days and thus your power generating capability becomes limited for the solar generator.

Another essential thing you must look in a good solar generator is its ability to produce enough watts so that you can meet your basic needs on a trip or emergency household needs. You may come across many such solar generators that can produce only as less as 600 watt that is considered as under-powered. Do you know this amount of energy is capable to power just 10 standard bulbs? Hence, you need to think about your basic needs. Well, while considering the basic needs, you cannot expect to run all the household appliances and devices that you usually run with the regular electricity supply. Rather you should consider the emergency needs either for your home or while you travel. And choose the generator accordingly.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a polar generator is that these are very lightweight so that you can carry them everywhere. Hence, while going for an extended back country trip or family camping, a good portable solar generator should be must-to-carry-thing list that can help you from charging phones, laptops, cameras to heating water and even running a small sump pump.

Basics of Using the Best Solar Generators

A good solar generator must have a robust mechanism that is capable of combining all those features that you require to maintain your lifestyle. Now, let’s have a look on the basic features that you should find in a superior standard portable solar generator –

  • A source for AC and DC power – A solar power generator should be equipped with alternating current to meeting the electricity needs. Unfortunately, not all solar generators have a direct power outlet. While choosing the generator, you should choose one that numerous DC outlets along with AC outlets so that you can meet all your unexpected needs.
  • An uninterrupted power supply – If the power supply is often interrupted than chances are there that your electrical appliances or devices will be damaged.

After knowing all these features and qualities of a good portable solar generator, if you start searching for one such machine, instead of investing on an average generator, you must consider buying Inergy Kodiak Solar generator that offers all the above-mentioned features.